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* 4th: [[Nathanael Bruyère|Master Bruyère]]'s birthday (1279)
* 4th: [[Nathanael Bruyère|Master Bruyère]]'s birthday (1279)
* 19th: [[Rupert Hillman|Mr Hillman]]'s birthday (1264)

== Athebezen ==
== Athebezen ==

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The Auklish calendar comprises 364 days divided in 14 months, which can be categorized into two overall seasons of summer and winter, or five weather-based seasons of bloth, hait, renn, druth, and colra. With the exception of Duibnezen, each month is between 26 and 30 days, and are based on the heliacal rising of various constellations.


summer: bloth; named for Midevras; 27 days

  • 1st: Ebenmas, equinox


summer: bloth; named for Roagar; 26 days

  • 10th: adjourning of the Great Council, marking the end of the political season
  • 16th: (event) marks the end of the social season


summer: bloth; named for Ciunna; 28 days


summer: hait; named for Deshretta; 30 days

  • 10th: Seshepmas, bright solstice


summer: hait; named for Haellim; 26 days


summer: renn; named for Athbe; 28 days


summer: renn; named for Schildar; 29 days

  • 16th: Shemmas, equinox
  • 27th: Mrs Hillman's birthday (1268)


summer: renn; named for Shaiuta; 27 days


winter: druth; named for Wýbette; 30 days

  • 14th: presentations at the Royal Drawing-Rooms, and the Royal Ball mark the beginning of the social season
  • 20th: convening of the Great Council, marking the beginning of the political season


winter: druth; named for Heregar; 27 days


winter: colra; named for Raea; 28 days


winter: colra; named for Cyresed; 26 days


winter: colra; named for Lythre; 28 days


a four day festival month in honor of Duibnessa that is considered a time-out-of-time

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