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Wicchen are the magical users within the Auklans, who possess the ability to practice a unique form of magic. The earliest wicchen were essentially demigods, the children of priestesses of Duibnessa conceived during ritual possession. As most of the Auklish population is capable of practicing some magic, the term wicche has in the modern day come to refer to those who possess a construct. Socially, wicchen are considered among the gentility, even if they earn their livelihood by practicing magic, as magic is a gift that can only be inherited and not bestowed.

In general, there are two kinds of wicchen: those who are bonded to a spirit construct, and those who are not. Wicchen possessing an onx or wicche-mark are held in high esteem, and their numbers have been dwindling over the past five hundred years especially; now only 1 in 200 wicchen will bear an onx.

Bonded Wicchen & Constructs

Unbonded Wicchen

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